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$ 1,080.00

When your dust extractor is prematurely clogging due to large quantities of material, consider the model C3000 pre-separator. It captures 90% of the material before it reaches the dust extractor, keeping your dust extractor filters clean and extending your grinding operation longer without interr...


Drum Pre-Separator Head

$ 895.00

A pre-separation head for 55 gallon drum.  This comes with 3" and 2" connectors so it can be used with both 3" and 2" hoses.


Dust Boot

$ 143.10 - $ 159.00

For Drills and Hammers Two hose lengths supplied Flexible tip that allows you to get close to work area Swivel hose end


Lavina 25G-X

$ 18,490.00

The LAVINA® 25G-X (25-inch model) is a forced belt-driven planetary machine, featuring three standard 9-inch heads without the low-profile base (of the 30G-X). Features: Propane means faster, cordless work! The patented Onyx Solutions propane conversion is a clever solution, supplying the stron...


Lavina 13-X

$ 5,190.00

Machine Features A level on the head allows the operator to check the flatness of the floor during work. Rollers prevent the head from damaging walls, while allowing for the closest possible access to edges. A new gage allows the operator to control the angle of the head against the floor, up t...


Lavina 32-X

$ 19,990.00

The 20 HP LAVINA® 32-X is our heaviest and most powerful machine, featuring six 9-inch heads and forced planetary movement, making it an ideal solution for large commercial projects.  This model is most commonly ordered as a 'high voltage' unit (380/480 Volt), but is also available in 220 Volt. ...


Lavina Foam Plates

$ 63.00

Lavina foam plates allow for the attachment of any Velcro-backed tool, such as NATO®, V-HARR®, and WAFFELs. Plates are available for all machines, except for the Lavina 12. Sizes include: 7 Inch for Lavina Edgers and Pro models (not available for S series) 8 Inch for 21" Lavina Pro models (not ...


Lavina L12

$ 2,390.00

LAVINA® 12 Handheld Model is designed for countertops, stairs, and other small spaces.  Features Designed to hone and polish small surfaces such as countertops, walls, stairs, and bathroom floors. Suitable for use on different materials including concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, and even hardw...


Quick Change Foam Plates for HTC

$ 96.00

Lavina foam plates are specially made to adapt to your HTC grinder and allow you to run all of Superabrasive's velcro-backed tooling. The line of Superabrasive diamonds are high quality, with long life and low cost.


S13 Single-Phase HEPA Dust Extractor

$ 1,490.00

The model S13 120V single motor HEPA Dust Extractor can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust. The model S13 is also an effective all-around construction vacuum for picking-up a wide range of building materials and debris. Comes with 1...


S26 Single-Phase Hepa Dust Extractor

$ 2,770.00

As a business owner, it is important for you to protect your workers from this major occupational health hazard and begin establishing legal groundwork that will prevent future lawsuits. The first step is to stop your employees from using shop-style vacuums purchased from local home improvement s...


WaleTale Vacuum Attachment

$ 18.95 - $ 19.99

WaleTale Vacuum Attachment Winner of Popular Science Best of What's New 2010 Dust Control; Simply turn on the wet dry vacuum and put the Wale-Tale on the bucket and you're ready to mix. Cut down on clean up time. Eliminate dust from mixing mortar and grout in buckets. The WaleTale will ...