Lavina L30G-X & Ermator T8600 Propane Package

$ 31,090.00 USD

When you order both the Lavina L30G-X and the Pullman-Ermator T8600 Propane together you receive
free shipping!


Lavina L30G-X Machine

The LAVINA® 30G-X is a forced belt-driven planetary machine, featuring three 13.5-inch heads and a low profile base for reaching beneath shelves and cabinets.

  • Propane means faster, cordless work!
  • The patented Onyx Solutions propane conversion is a clever solution, supplying the strong Kawasaki 18 HP gas engine with the fuel it needs
  • Clean Air exhaust and low vibration
  • Easy tool changes and control panel operation
  • Perfectly balanced for constant control and safety
  • May be used wet or dry, and should be accompanied by our standard line of recommended tooling (QuickChange, NATO, V-HARR, Calibra, etc)




Pullman-Ermator T8600 Propane HEPA Dust Extractor

With 18 HP, 410 CFM and 115" water lift the T8600 Propane is the strongest and safest propane vacuum on the market.

With development for dry diamond tooling and equipment for cutting, coring, and grinding, collection of harmful dust continues to become more important.  On many job sites electrical power can be hard to come, so propane units are often needed.  

  • Drop down Longopac disposal system
  • Certified HEPA filtration to 99.99% @ 0.3 microns
  • Coated pre-filter socks
  • JetPulse filter cleaning
  • Cam lock hose connection
  • Direct drive magnetic clutch


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