Dust Collectors

T8600 Propane HEPA Dust Extractor

$ 14,320.00

With 18 HP, 410 CFM and 115" water lift the T8600 Propane is the strongest and safest propane vacuum on the market. With development for dry diamond tooling and equipment for cutting, coring, and grinding, collection of harmful dust continues to become more important.  On many job sites electrica...


W2000/2 Wet Vacuum with Pre-Separator

$ 7,900.00

A slurry vacuum that extracts the slurry and filters the liquid into usable cleaner water. Then with its high pressure oil cooled pump, you can either re-use the water by pumping back to your tool, or to a containment tank to dispose of later. CFM 118 HP 2 Vacuum Waterlift 90 in. Pump Wa...


W70P Slurry Vacuum w/Pump

$ 2,690.00

Powerful wet cleaner with a 18 gallon tank and evacuation pump. Emptying is carried out via a valve. The oil-cooled pump can handle concrete sludge, oils and cutting fluids. The machine is equipped with a coarse separation basket and wet suction bag. The combined filter/float system protects the ...


WaleTale Vacuum Attachment

$ 18.95 - $ 19.99

WaleTale Vacuum Attachment Winner of Popular Science Best of What's New 2010 Dust Control; Simply turn on the wet dry vacuum and put the Wale-Tale on the bucket and you're ready to mix. Cut down on clean up time. Eliminate dust from mixing mortar and grout in buckets. The WaleTale will ...