Exterior Polishing Dye / Exterior Dye

Ameripolish ColorJuice 3D

$ 70.00

Ameripolish ColorJuice 3D ColorJuice 3D concrete silicate colorant is a fast, easy way to apply color to many types of interior or exterior concrete. It provides durable, rich hues by bonding color pigment directly into the concrete with integral silicate hardener. ColorJuice 3D is ideal for poro...


Consolideck ColorHard Stain (4oz Bottle)

$ 80.43

Consolideck® ColorHard one-step color & hardener for interior and exterior concrete floors.  Consolideck® ColorHard is a premeasured color concentrate specifically formulated to mix with Consolideck® LS® or LS/CS® to produce a ready-to-use color hardener that colors, hardens and densifies hor...