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Cementina Metal Bond

$ 54.56

Another option for grinding hard concrete is using the Cementina metal bond discs.  For soft concrete/terrazzo grinding, we recommend the special Cementina terrazzo bond.  Cementina grinding discs are best suited for lightweight machines, such as LAVINA® 16 and LAVINA® 20-S, which have a relative...


Cementina Terrazzo Bond

$ 59.00

Cementia grinding discs are best suited for light weight machines, such as Lavina 16 and Lavina 20, which have a relative grinding pressure of 2 - 6 lbs psi. Cementia achieves a very smooth and uniform finish, preparing the floor for resin polishing steps if desired. Terrazzo discs are used for s...


Corner Pro System

$ 8.00

Designed to perfect the inside of difficult 90-degree corners and areas where other tooling cannot reach Featuring a special triangular shape for reaching the furthest depths of corners and edges Offered in brazed, resin, and electroplated bonds to accommodate various applications


Flexible Electroplated Pads

$ 6.34

Designed for fine grinding and honing, work best on softer natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx May be mounted on various floor grinding machines, or handheld grinders for corner work Available in a wide variety of sizes. If you require a size that is not listed here, pl...


Heavy Duty Superthick Floor Polishing Disc

$ 26.67

- Special "hybrid" metal-resin bond designed for extra durability and long life even under the heaviest machines- Offered in 3 and 4 inch size- Can be used wet or dry


HP Superthick Floor Polishing Disc

$ 21.60

SA3 HP &  HP65 Superthick Discs - Superabrasive's SA3 pads feature a special bond for dry applications only - Extremely durable and can withstand the weight of heavier machines, 1000 lbs and more - Standard HP pads are designed exclusively for hard concrete applications, whereas the HP65 pads...


Lavina 25G-X

$ 18,490.00

The LAVINA® 25G-X (25-inch model) is a forced belt-driven planetary machine, featuring three standard 9-inch heads without the low-profile base (of the 30G-X). Features: Propane means faster, cordless work! The patented Onyx Solutions propane conversion is a clever solution, supplying the stron...


Lavina 13-X

$ 5,190.00

Machine Features A level on the head allows the operator to check the flatness of the floor during work. Rollers prevent the head from damaging walls, while allowing for the closest possible access to edges. A new gage allows the operator to control the angle of the head against the floor, up t...


Lavina 20-X

$ 6,990.00

Lavina electric concrete grinders feature forced belt-driven planetary movement, which allows you to continue polishing under nearly any circumstance, even if a drum belt breaks. Just take the belt out and continue working, saving you time and hassle. Security features are a large part of the ne...


Lavina 25-X

$ 12,990.00

A very versatile machine, ideal for small-medium retail projects, or large residential jobs The Lavina 25-X series is a great addition to your concrete floor polishing machine. This floor polishing machine will work with any dry or wet application and is perfect for prep, polishing and floor mai...


Lavina 30G-X

$ 19,990.00

The LAVINA® 30G-X is a forced belt-driven planetary machine, featuring three 13.5-inch heads and a low profile base for reaching beneath shelves and cabinets.   Features: Propane means faster, cordless work! The patented Onyx Solutions propane conversion is a clever solution, supplying the stro...


Lavina 32-X

$ 19,990.00

The 20 HP LAVINA® 32-X is our heaviest and most powerful machine, featuring six 9-inch heads and forced planetary movement, making it an ideal solution for large commercial projects.  This model is most commonly ordered as a 'high voltage' unit (380/480 Volt), but is also available in 220 Volt. ...