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Consolideck Cleaner/Degreaser

$ 43.50

Consolideck®  Cleaner/Degreaser commercial-strength detergent for concrete floors  An environmentally responsible alternative to industrial degreasing solvents, Consolideck® Cleaner/Degreaser scours widespread oil and grease films, adhesive tape residues and rubber tire marks and scuffs from conc...


Consolideck ColorHard Stain (4oz Bottle)

$ 80.43

Consolideck® ColorHard one-step color & hardener for interior and exterior concrete floors.  Consolideck® ColorHard is a premeasured color concentrate specifically formulated to mix with Consolideck® LS® or LS/CS® to produce a ready-to-use color hardener that colors, hardens and densifies hor...


Consolideck Concrete Floor Restorer

$ 55.58

Consolideck Concrete Floor Restorer Non-etching Consolideck® Concrete Floor Restorer removes a wide variety of common stains and soiling from the oldest, dirtiest concrete floors. Once dry, cleaned floors are ready for traffic. They’re also ready for repairs, hardening and densifying, and any oth...


Consolideck Concrete Protector

$ 93.88

Consolideck® Concrete Protector water, oil and stain repellent  Consolideck® Concrete Protector is a penetrating water, oil and stain repellent for every kind of finished concrete floor. Concrete Protector improves stain resistance and simplifies maintenance cleaning of interior and exterior, ver...


Consolideck Cure & Seal Remover

$ 93.03

Consolideck®  Cure & Seal Remover High-powered surface prep cleaner for concrete floors  Easy-to-use Consolideck® Cure & Seal Remover preps concrete floors and exterior flatwork for hardening and densifying or other penetrating protective treatments, as well as grinding, polishing and sta...


Consolideck Daily Klean

$ 1.91

Consolideck®  DailyKlean Economical daily maintenance cleaner for concrete floors  Consolideck® DailyKlean is a specially designed concentrated maintenance cleaner for concrete floors, including floors hardened and densified with lithium-silicate products. This specialized blend of degreasers and...


Consolideck Daily Klean Ultra 15 4oz packet

$ 2.78

Consolideck®  DailyKlean ULTRA 15 economical daily maintenance cleaner concentrate for automatic floor scrubbers  Consolideck® DailyKlean ULTRA 15 is a concentrated maintenance cleaner for concrete floors, including floors hardened and densified with lithium-silicate products. It’s pre-measured f...


Consolideck Daily Klean Ultra 30 4oz packet

$ 3.70

Consolideck®  DailyKlean ULTRA 30 economical daily maintenance cleaner concentrated for automatic floor scrubbers.  Consolideck® DailyKlean ULTRA 30 is a concentrated maintenance cleaner for concrete floors, including floors hardened and densified with lithium-silicate products. It’s pre-measured...


Consolideck Driveway Cleaner

$ 23.43

Consolideck Driveway Cleaner Made especially for cleaning heavily grimed to lightly soiled residential driveways, Consolideck® Driveway Cleaner scours away widespread oil and grease films, rubber tire marks and other contaminants specific to exterior concrete flatwork. Environmentally responsible...


Consolideck DuraSheen - Cure & Seal

$ 45.78

Consolideck® DuraSheen High-gloss, slip-resistant curing & sealing agent for concrete  Description and use Consolideck® DuraSheen is a non-yellowing curing and sealing compound. Tough and chemical resistant, DuraSheen is designed for horizontal concrete where a premium, vibrant gloss and shin...


Consolideck Gemtone Stain (12oz Bottle)

$ 52.05

Consolideck® GemTone Stain penetrating translucent color dye for interior concrete floors  Consolideck® GemTone Stain transforms dull grey concrete into decorative, low maintenance finished concrete flooring. Apply penetrating GemTone Stains to concrete before hardening/densifying with Consolidec...


Consolideck Grind-N-Fill

$ 39.63

Consolideck® Grind-N-Fill Liquid crack and gap filler for concrete grinding and polishing  Liquid Consolideck® Grind-N-Fill mixes with the dust created while grinding concrete floors to create a super-durable matrix that automatically fills pinholes, small air voids and pop-outs, micro-cracks and...