3N High Performance Polishing Pads

$ 18.00

The ideal solution for concrete countertop professionals Available in 4 and 5 inch sizes, for dry applications only  


Heavy Duty Superthick Floor Polishing Disc

$ 26.67

- Special "hybrid" metal-resin bond designed for extra durability and long life even under the heaviest machines- Offered in 3 and 4 inch size- Can be used wet or dry


HP Superthick Floor Polishing Disc

$ 21.60

SA3 HP &  HP65 Superthick Discs - Superabrasive's SA3 pads feature a special bond for dry applications only - Extremely durable and can withstand the weight of heavier machines, 1000 lbs and more - Standard HP pads are designed exclusively for hard concrete applications, whereas the HP65 pads...


Nato Polishing Discs

$ 11.52

- Superabrasive's Nato resin pads are the market’s first choice for a wide variety of soft and hard concrete polishing applications - Wide channels and a unique patented design allow for work on a cleaner surface, ensuring a quality polish - Featuring a thick 12mm layer of resin and diamonds for ...


SPIRAL polishing pads for stone, wet only

$ 11.60

  The undisputed solution for polishing natural stone floors The spiral pattern enables water to efficiently dispose of slurry, keeping the working surface clean The standard spiral pattern is designed for medium to softer stones, such as marble, travertine, onyx, and limestone, whereas the wide ...


T-Bone Superthick Floor Polishing Disc

$ 15.84

- T-Bone® resin pads are similar to the NATO® pads but are slightly thinner, which makes them a more economical option for quality floor polishing - Featuring a special universal resin, designed to work for both dry and wet applications. No need for separate pads for different applications! - Off...


V-Harr Polishing Pads

$ 19.00

V-HARR® Premium Polishing Pads - V-Harr® pads are one of Superabrasive’s most versatile and successful products for concrete polishing - Featuring a special combination of felt, resin, and diamonds for a premium shine - Also ideal for terrazzo and hard stone floors - Offered in a wide variety of...


WAFFEL Floor Polishing Pads

$ 44.88

WAFFEL Polishing Pads - Available in 7 and 9 inch sizes in a special bond for wet and dry applications - The 7 Inch WAFFELs feature a double segmented resin ring (two rows) for use on the LAVINA 7® PRO and LAVINA 16® PRO models - The 9 Inch WAFFELs feature a triple segmented resin ring (three ro...