Need help making sure your job looks its best? 

We offer Lavina SPS Training and Certification Classes!

We'll provide you with excellent training on diamond tooling techniques, machines and chemicals, and so much more.  Register Here.

In partnership with Superabrasive Inc, we offer monthly training and certification classes on Concrete Grinding and Polishing.  We'll help you learn the basics to help achieve a great finish or help you become a certified Lavina SPS contractor.  The classes we offer will help you better understand concrete grinding and polishing to help increase your business!

Concrete Polishing Training Schedule for 2016

February 11th & 12th

Training topics include:

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
  • Topic 4
  • Ex. (In-depth explanation of the surface preparation and the concrete polishing processes;)

Cost: $350.00 per company (up to 3 people)

This cost includes:

  • All necessary training materials
  • Demonstration and a full day of hands-on training





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View videos for further information on our Lavina Products

LAVINA B36G-S Propane Burnisher

How to operate L30G-X


Tightening the chain on L25-X & L30G-X

Replace and tension the drive head belt on L25 & L30G-S


Check the hours on Lavina Machines

LAVINA 25M-S Grinder / Polisher


Beautiful polished concrete floors

Self-propelled L32M-X grinder / polisher


Changing and tensioning the planetary belt on L32-S

change the Longopac on LAVINA vacuums


change a by-pass electric motor and carbon brushes

change the main filter on LAVINA vacuum


LAVINA 32 grinder / polisher

L30G Pro propane grinder / polisher


Floor Grinding and Polishing Step by Step Training, Part 1

Floor Grinding and Polishing Step by Step Training, Part 2


CNC Router bits for Stone Fabrication