Lavina 20-X


Lavina electric concrete grinders feature forced belt-driven planetary movement, which allows you to continue polishing under nearly any circumstance, even if a drum belt breaks. Just take the belt out and continue working, saving you time and hassle. Security features are a large part of the new X-Series. The Lavina concrete polishing machines have a security plate that will keep a fallen head or tool from coming away from the machine, resulting in a safety hazard.The Lavina concrete grinding X-series features a completely new water system that will not clog, and does not need cleaned half way through the polishing process. The water system also allows the operator to choose between internal spraying or spraying in front of the machine.

Designed for smaller grinding and polishing projects

Lavina X Series 20" Model Features:

  • New attachment system for the tool holding plates allows for an easier and much faster access to the main belt
  • Upgraded locking mechanism on the machine handle for better stability and easier operation
  • The 20”, 25, 30” and 32” machines now feature a metered water flow system, allowing for more efficient work during grinding and polishing
  • Works with Superabrasive’s QuickChange tooling system
  • Available in 220V and 480V (high voltage) models
  • Available in two HP options - either 4 or 7.5
  • All LAVINA® 20 machines are now with forced belt-driven planetary movement.
  • New floating heads now hold QuickChange tools, allowing tools to be mounted directly to the heads, with no additional plates necessary! (Velcro heads will still be required for attaching Velcro-backed tooling.)
  • Machines feature a completely new nozzle-free, anti-clogging water spraying system.
  • A new power cable attachment connects to the top of the machine near the handle, allowing the operator to easily remove the plug and cable when work is complete, for added security on job sites.
  • Machines are equipped with an upgraded belt tensioner, a belt inspection cover, and a new belt replacing tool.
  • The light is now hardwired directly to the machine. 

Lavina X Series 20" Model options:

  • L-20-X : 1ph x 208-240V, 4HP
  • L-20N-X : Dual Phase (1ph or 3ph) x 208-240V, 7.5 HP
  • L-20N-X-E: 3ph x 380-480V (High Volt), 7.5 HP

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