Lavina 32-X


The 20 HP LAVINA® 32-X is our heaviest and most powerful machine, featuring six 9-inch heads and forced planetary movement, making it an ideal solution for large commercial projects.  This model is most commonly ordered as a 'high voltage' unit (380/480 Volt), but is also available in 220 Volt.

  • New security plate locks
  • Machines feature a completely new non-clogging water spraying system
  • The base of the machines now feature NEW, EXCLUSIVE U-JOINT TECHNOLOGY
  • A new power cable attachment connects to the top of the machine near the handle
  • Machines are equipped with an upgraded belt tensioner, a belt inspection cover, and a new belt replacing tool.
  • Add a 3rd wheel stabilizer assembly for more support and stability

** Please note that the new X model can now be used for grinding and polishing with three heads (for more aggressive cutting) or all six heads.

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