Consolideck DuraSheen - Cure & Seal


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Consolideck® DuraSheen

High-gloss, slip-resistant curing & sealing agent for concrete 

Description and use

Consolideck® DuraSheen is a non-yellowing curing and sealing compound. Tough and chemical resistant, DuraSheen is designed for horizontal concrete where a premium, vibrant gloss and shine are required.

DuraSheen contains no fillers, modifiers or extenders that can cause cure and seals to yellow, blush or dull out. Independent laboratory tests confirm DuraSheen’s non-yellowing characteristics outlast and outperform competitive products.

Easily applied DuraSheen quickly forms a hard, glossy, water- and dust-proof clear shield on concrete. It’s long-lasting, slip-resistant, chemical resistant, waterproof, and dust proof. DuraSheen is ideal for concrete new or old. It makes an excellent base coat for paints or tile and carpet adhesives, meeting the requirements of the Resilient Tile Institute and the tile adhesion test requirements of ASTM C 1315.


  • Non-yellowing. Surface stays clear.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Passes 300 hours QUV resistance (ASTM G 154).
  • Completely develops concrete's wear-resistance and strength.
  • Reduces clean up effort and resists construction stains.
  • Protects against alkali, oil, cleaners and common chemicals.
  • Prevents efflorescence, dusting and spalling.
  • Quick drying.
  • Re-coatable, paintable, excellent base for most adhesives.
  • Complies with USEPA AIM VOC regulations.
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