Consolideck Concrete Floor Restorer


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Consolideck Concrete Floor Restorer

Non-etching Consolideck® Concrete Floor Restorer removes a wide variety of common stains and soiling from the oldest, dirtiest concrete floors. Once dry, cleaned floors are ready for traffic. They’re also ready for repairs, hardening and densifying, and any other treatment aimed at improving appearance, performance and service-life.

Concrete Floor Restorer will not affect concrete color. It will remove most old floor waxes, skid marks, rust and other metallic stains, dirt, atmospheric soiling and more. It’s ideal for any concrete floor that needs restoration cleaning, from industrial and commercial, to education, health and residential.

Concrete Floor Restorer gains its effectiveness from a blend of purified acids, oil and grease solvents, floor polish removers and wetting agents. Though designed for the many types of stains and soiling found on concrete floors, the cleaner is great for cleaning outside flatwork too.

Concrete Floor Restorer is compatible with all Consolideck® protective treatments, hardenerdensifiers, and stains.

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