Consolideck SafEtch


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Consolideck® SafEtch

Non-fuming cleaner and surface-prep for concrete 

Description and use

Consolideck® SafEtch is an effective, safe alternative to traditional acidic compounds for cleaning and preparing horizontal concrete for densifying and hardening.

SafEtch™ rids concrete of embedded oil, grease, efflorescence and dirt. The cleaner also dissolves a small amount of surface cement, while leaving the aggregate untouched. That mild “etch” creates greater surface area, for more complete penetration and effectiveness of the hardener/densifier -- or any other protective treatment. It’s ideal for projects where traditional acidic cleaners are not allowed.

Non-fuming SafEtch™ contains no hydrochloric or other traditional inorganic acids and is safe for use on and around most metal surfaces. Additionally, it is up to 70 percent more effective than citric and glycolic acids, and 50 percent more effective than phosphoric acid.

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