ShinePro Maintenance Pads


ShinePro Floor Maintenance Pads

  • The perfect solution for maintaining and cleaning a polished concrete floor
  • ShinePro® are safe for daily use, and are a very environmentally friendly solution for maintaining floors (no chemicals or waxes needed)
  • Available in a variety of sizes (7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, and 27 inch) for use under Lavina machines, as well as auto scrubbing machines, swing machines, and Burnishers
  • 220 Grit ShinePro® will provide an aggressive cleaning cut for the first step on extremely dirty floors
  • 400 Grit ShinePro® will provide a honing cut for the second step on already clean floors
  • 800 Grit ShinePro® will provide a finished polished look to a surface that is already honed properly
  • 1800 Grit ShinePro® will add more shine to a surface that is already polished properly
  • Buff Grit ShinePro® will provide the finishing touch to a properly polished surface


ShinePro maintenance pads will improve overall cleanliness and aesthetics of your floors. By mechanically cleaning and removing micro abrasions you can maintain a brilliant gloss. The following maintenance program can also restore lost shine, by simply replacing ShinePro ® Buff with ShinePro 1800 for daily scrubbing. Best results are achieved when using Mega Clean neutral ph. soap or equivalent approved daily cleaning products.

Maintenance process

  1. Pre-sweep and dust mop - Floor must be clean and free of debris prior to scrub. Sweep and dust mop floor prior to auto-scrub. 2. Pre-scrub - Prepare auto scrubber by filling water tank with cold water and adding specified mixing ratio of approved cleaner. Mount ShinePro Buff pads to auto scrubber drive plates with printed side of pads facing up.
  2. Scrubbing – begin auto scrubbing floors one pass at a moderate rate of speed allowing pads to clean properly. Follow scrubber with clean mop recover trails or puddles of water behind scrubber. Floors must dry thoroughly before allowing foot traffic.
  3. Clean pads – Remove pads nightly from auto-scrubber rinse and allow to air dry. For best results, replace pads every two weeks or as needed.

Periodic Burnishing - frequency of three times weekly is recommended. The following schedule can be modified according to your floor’s exact needs and wear patterns. To achieve higher gloss in winter months the ShinePro Buff can be replaced with ShinePro 800.

  1. Prepare Burnisher  - Mount ShinePro Buff pads under Burnisher print side up.
  2. Burnish – It is recommended to begin burnishing at stopping point of last burnish and work in the opposite direction to maximize effectiveness of ShinePro>Buff pads. Misting water in front of Burnisher wile burnishing can maximize pad efficiency.
  3. Clean pads - Remove pad nightly, rinse and allow to air dry, or for best results replace pads every three weeks or as needed.

Penetrating Sealer

If applicable a reapplication of penetrating sealer can be applied every 3-5 years.


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